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Norway (PE010)


Norway (PE010)

Norway, Prince Edward Island

Latitude 47.019°N
Longitude 64.037°W
Altitude 0 - 25m
Area 33.45km²

Site Description

The Norway cormorant colony is located near the northwestern tip of Prince Edward Island between North Point and Nail Pond. The town of Alberton is situated about 23 km to the south, with the village of Tignish, only 7 km to the south. The seven km stretch of coastline between Nail Pond and North Point is comprised of near vertical, red Permian sandstone cliffs that reach heights up to 25 m high near the outlet of Nail Pond. These cliffs are undergoing severe natural erosion, with the debris falling either into the ocean or onto a narrow beach below.


The Norway cormorant colony supports internationally significant numbers of Great Cormorants. Over a 12 year period (1987 to 1998) the average number of Great Cormorants nests was 111 - over 1.75% of the estimated North American population. A peak of 190 nests were recorded in 1991, with a low of 30 nests recorded in 1987. Black Guillemots also breed at this site in small numbers. Northern Gannets (presumably from the Gaspe or Magdalen Island colonies) forage regularly along this coast, but usually in small numbers.

Conservation Issues

Some fishing interests disapprove of cormorants, and thus cormorants and their nests are occasionally destroyed, but at this site, the instability of the cliffs seems a more serious threat to the long-term future of the colony. The marine areas below the cliffs are overseen by the federal Fisheries and Oceans department; the tablelands are under private (multiple) ownership. The Prince Edward Island Fish and Wildlife Division has completed censuses at this colony annually since 1987.

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Great Cormorant
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