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Chantry Island (ON154)


Chantry Island (ON154)

Southampton, Ontario

Latitude 44.491°N
Longitude 81.403°W
Altitude 178m
Area 4.79km²

Site Description

Chantry Island is a small island located a kilometre off the eastern shore of Lake Huron. It is immediately west of the town of Southampton. The island is primarily treed, but there are some beaches on the south and west sides.


Chantry Island supports nationally significant numbers of two species of colonial waders: Great Egret and Black-crowned Night-Heron. In 1991, surveys revealed six nests of Great Egret, which represents approximately 3% of the Canadian population. During the same surveys in 1991, 100 nests of Black-crowned Night-Herons were tallied. This is at least 2% of the national population. In 1989 and 1980, nationally significant numbers of this species were also found, with 56 and 97 nests, respectively.A third species of colonial wader, the Great Blue Heron, is also present here, although not in significant numbers. In 1980, 24 nests were found, but by 1991 the numbers had increased to 124 nests.

Conservation Issues

The conservation issues associated with this site are unknown.

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