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Northwestern Brodeur Peninsula (NU065)


Northwestern Brodeur Peninsula (NU065)

Arctic Bay, Nunavut

Latitude 73,472°N
Longitude 87,614°O
Altitude 0m
Superficie 2 633,87km²

Description du site

The Brodeur Peninsula is the northwestern tip of Baffin Island, Nunavut. Numerous limestone-rubble plateaus are found here intersected by steep ravines. The climate is polar desert. Arctic Bay is the nearest community and is located approximately 150 km northeast of the site.


The northwestern Brodeur Peninsula supports about a quarter of the Canadian, and 3% of the world population of Ivory Gulls. Ivory Gulls are classified as nationally vulnerable, but population estimates are uncertain because of their far-ranging, nomadic habits. In the early 1980s, there were 560-580 birds at this site, distributed among the ten colonies on separate plateaus. No surveys have been conducted since this time. Individual colonies ranged in size from 12 to 180 birds, but the number of breeding pairs likely fluctuates annually. Nests are built out of vegetation brought from outside the site.

Enjeux de conservation

The remote and inaccessible location of the Ivory Gull breeding colonies limits direct risk from human disturbance. At other sites, disturbance by humans, and in particular, low-flying aircraft have resulted in colony abandonment. Lancaster Sound, Barrow Strait, and Prince Regent Inlet have potential to become marine shipping routes and areas of hydrocarbon exploration. Oil spills are a potential threat to the area.

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